I am pleased to write this brief piece at the author's request to express my impression on the beautifully crafted handbook by Prince Segun Abiri. Based on the author's experience in organizing LADEWIN Adult Education, the book is copiously laced with diagrammatic, photographic and pictorial illustrations that will prove very helpful to prospective and/or practicing organisers of adult literacy and numeracy programmes. Above all, it makes pleasant reading.
HRH Oba (Prof.) John Omoniyi Abiri, (Ph.D) Obapero of Abiri, Ile-Ife, Osun State
No matter how old you are, you can still get quality and affordable education. This book is an eye opener. You will get all that you need, understand, and progress in adult literacy study and career. As an educationist, have it with you all the time. Read it as you read your Bible.
Dr. Musango Anthony Dennis Mukwelle Director of Operations. University of Abuja / Nestra Klinikal QMS/QA
The text is a looming giant in the literature on Adult Education. Its author has made a skilful, theoretical and practical blend of philosophy and andragogy in the service of enlightening the mind of adults (tutors and learners). Most texts in adult education I have read are either focused on teaching adults or teaching their teachers how to do it. I have found in ABC of Adult Education a hybrid of literacy, enlightenment and the motivation to know for both the learner and even the teacher. It does it dexterously and resourcefully without losing focus.
Dr. Cyril-Mary P. Olatunji (Ph.D), HOD, Department of Philosophy, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State
Ladewin has rightly positioned itself as a formidable brand in the adult education sector through quality, consistency, passion and innovation.
Mr. Clement Oladepo, Founder, Beau Ideal Communication
The literacy rate in Nigeria has remained consistently below the recommended global standard even though improvements in our indices occurred over the decades. The book “ABC of adult education” is a great resource material written in a format that applies to all teachers, educators, and facilitators involved in the training of adults up to tertiary education level. It is a product of the vast experience the author Mr Segun Abiri acquired while actively learning, conducting and advocating for adult learning programs. The content is suitable for short and long term training programs and is a valuable tool in ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education that will promote lifelong learning for all Nigerians (SDG4). It is recommended for individuals, school libraries and all sectors involved in teaching and learning programs.
Sekoni Adekemi (MBchB, PhD) Consultant Public Health Physician & Social Epidemiologist Associate Professor, Department of Community Health & Primary Care College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria.
I must confess i am so much overwhelm when i see the transfer of love from the teachers in LADEWIN to their student in a way of impacting knowledge and hope that anyone single person can become what he/she want is just matter of interest, focus and time. The testimonies of success in ladewin is not hidden there is no doubt that the institute is going to make an outstanding name for itself. To the founder keep the good work going as God's favour will certainly meet you.
Victor Itombi
Ladewin Adult Education changes me and improves me. In this part of the world, where many uneducated adults are shy and find it difficult to go back to school. Even as a Chief, it took me over 25 years after I have left school to rethink and go back to Adult Education, now I am in 200 Level, University of Abuja studying Guidance and Counselling. If you want to learn how to read, write and speak in English, Ladewin Adult Education is the place to be, and ABC of Adult Education is the book to buy for self-study.
HRH Alhaji Musa Yetu (Ex-student, Ladewin Adult Education) Chief of Gbessa, Abuja
I summoned the courage to go back to adult school, I was shy at the beginning, many people call me names, and many even said it’s too late for me to learn. But here I am, after I have written and passed my GCE WAEC, I am now an employee at Nigerian Prison (Correctional) Services. I am grateful to our Director, Mr. Segun Abiri for this Initiative.
Mrs. Oluwatoyin Sado (Ex-student, Ladewin Adult School) Prison Assistant, Nigerian Prison Service, Abuja
LadeWin has made great strides in the reduction of Adult illiteracy in Nigeria. An Educated nation is a productive nation. Keep Up the Good Work
Christopher Wazhi, Lagos