Adult Education

Over 2,300 adults reached

Ladewin Adult Education is targeted at adults, youths and women who could not further their school early in life, or who did not have any formal education or are prematurely dropped out of school,

Capacity Building

Over 120 youths reached

Ladewin also conduct and organize several capacity building programmes for the people of various groups and communities. 

Competition & Awards

6 Competitions organized, 164 schools and 1,370 students reached

Ladewin Competition is a way of instilling excellency in the lives of students. Ladewin organize Intra and Inter-School Competition among students. 

Community Health Outreach (C.H.O.)

3 communities served, over ten thousand people reached

We organize community outreaches in promoting healthy living. This entails developing awareness campaigns for HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive health, sexual rights, and life skills based education.

Zero Hunger for Widows and Orphans(ZH4WO)

We care and provide supports for the widows and the orphans.

Community Sanitation for Green Sustainability (CS4GS)

A cleaner surrounding is a healthier environment. This is why we organize and encourage community sanitation in order to promote a Green community for all.

Basic Human Right Campaign. (BHRC)

In achieving better results in social participation, the youths and women must be made to know their rights. Their basic rights as enshrined in the constitution must be known, in order to be able to demand for it