Join Our Team. Working at Ladewin gives you the opportunity to apply your skills, expertise and passions to directly impact the lives of the people. Our staff tackles dynamic, quickly evolving problems with our network of partners from education companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. If you are able to bring clarity to complexity and lightness to heavy problems, you might be a great fit for our team. 

At Ladewin, we combine the nimbleness of a startup with the mission and values of a non-profit. Our success is measured by how many lives we’ve helped, how many illiterates we have educated. Through focused and persistent effort, we can help improving education in Africa.

Day to day, we strive to balance hard work with care for ourselves and each other so that we have the resiliency we need to keep fighting.

Ladewin has a strong and flexible team because of the diverse backgrounds of our staff. This includes professional background, subject matter expertise, culture, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, language, hobbies, etc. We strongly encourage women, minorities, and people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply. Your skills are needed here.

If you want to make a difference in the community, Ladewin is an excellent place to match your skills and talents to develop. We are an equal opportunity employer. It is a place to build a rewarding career and an enriched life.

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